songs from the gutter of your heart

exclusive pre-album-release-sale of 

singles SLOW TALKER &

            POOR OL' BOY plus

            two acoustic demos of

            LANGUISHMENT &


Watch the music-video for single POOR OL' BOY released through WNYC/TheGreeneSpace:

Watch the music-video for single SLOW TALKER:

THE DEMOS - Joe Stone alone

These are some of Joe's oldest songs, enjoyed best with the oldest liquor you can find in your house. You should wear your oldest clothes, too. Maybe not sleep for a couple days before you lay down to listen. Right the next day, call your oldest friend and tell her that you got drunk all alone last night and that it's time for a reunion.  

"Your lyrics and production are excellent." Marc Ribot

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You can preview my debut album PERMABLUES here exclusively, but don't tell anyone, I'm still looking for a label!

Below are some ideas for the album cover art.

Which one is your favorite? You can write to me via