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Joe Stone & BlackforestBlues - entertaining NYC since 2008.

Hailing from the South of Germany - not Bavaria, the other South, by the river, the BlackForest, the California of Germany, if you will - inspired by the tales of the brothers Grimm and the beat of the Cuckoo Clocks, moving to New York City felt like a punch to his gut. But guitar, pen and paper helped a lot. Brooklyn still kicks his assimilation, but by now he belongs here as much as anybody.
Let's say, if Tom Waits and Johnny Cash had a son - in Germany - would he sing with an accent?

This Stone Old Kid prefers Kirschwasser and Dylan, Cash, Cale & Waits. He can't stand IPAs and misses his Grandma's cake (Blackforest Cake that is). He sings Country Noir about Backstage Drama Ventilations - a sort of German Americana - and despises Phone Blues (alone with his dead phone).