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SlowTalkerFastWalkerSocks black, long, one size fits all

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Everyone has a friend, who talks too much and doesn't know when to leave. Joe Stone's "SlowTalkerFastWalkerArtistSupportSocks" come in longs and shorts, in black only, and make the perfect gift for your friend for all times of the year. Get them while they last. One size fits all. Made in Germany. For $99.- you also automatically purchase Joe Stone's debut album PERMABLUES before its official release -tbd- as LP/vinyl including a high quality download code for your digital files (320mp3s)! You will be listed and publicly thanked (you can opt out) as a SlowTalker/FastWalker and will receive the package of LP+socks mailed to your door one week before it'll be publicly released. Yeeehaw!

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